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As the new owners of The Danu Gallery in Pearl River NY, Karen and Kasey Curran are excited to embark on a new journey in the world of Celtic trade.

This mother and daughter team acquired the shop in September of 2017, after Karen had accompanied previous owners Isabel and Audrey Haley throughout their last year of ownership to multiple trade shows and in day to day tasks in the small shop on Central Avenue.

Karen and Kasey share a love of establishing new relationships with new and previous vendors of NACTA alike. The pair visited the Irish Celtic Trade Showcase in Dublin in January, where they discovered new products from favorite vendors and introduce new vendors’ merchandise to The Danu Gallery and the North American Market. Karen has always had a love for jewelry and infants’/children’s wear while Kasey wanted to further develop her interests in fashion and home. Karen is a Dublin Native, moving to the US in the mid-1980’s to embark on the first of her many journey’s, while Kasey her daughter was born and raised in New York since the mid-1990’s. Together, the Curran’s have always yearned for an opportunity for a mother/daughter project, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship. So, when The Danu Gallery opportunity arose, they thought what better way to deeper explore their Celtic roots.

The Danu Gallery has not only allowed them to keep in touch with their Irish heritage, it has afforded them the opportunity to help others explore the history of their ancestors through merchandise and relationships they have established with vendors and staff of NACTA. Fortunately, Kasey is a senior at Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY, studying Fashion Merchandising, so she is happily anticipating all that is to come in merchandising and buying for The Danu Gallery. She is excited to apply that knowledge as well as gain more hands-on experience in the unique, niche industry that is Celtic trade in North America. More specifically, Karen is delighted to be at the helm of her own business. She is motivated, passionate and intuitive to her business, culture and customer, making her a natural fit for the next generation of The Danu Gallery. Karen and Kasey are excited to embark on this journey together, but also with everyone associated with the North America Celtic Trade Association. Together they look forward to sharing their journey and are excited at what lies ahead.

The Danu Gallery
39 East Central Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965
Phone: 845-735-4477

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