Beautifully crafted and presented scarves by Liz Christy are given as gifts when something special is required. Gifting is a big part of life, be it for personal or business reasons. Gifts reflect the values of the giver and the esteem in which the receiver is held and Liz Christy handcrafted quality has proven to be successful in this respect. Perfect gifts for family, friends and colleagues, Liz’s scarves are also ideal as distinctive presentations.

Liz, a textile designer and hand-weaver, is inspired by paintings and the everyday colors and hues of the changing seasons. Liz is passionate about her work. She uses natural materials, along with specially spun boucle wool and kid mohair which she hand-dyes in Swallow Studios, producing stunningly different colors. The yarns are hand-woven on looms. Each scarf and wrap is hand-knotted when it comes off the loom and then it is hand-washed to bring out the luxurious softness of the fiber. Essentially Liz’s work is high quality, heirloom pieces which with care and gentle hand-washing will last for generations.

“It is a long process”, says Liz, “but I am an artisan, we paint with thread and the loom is our canvas. The warp and weft threads pass through our hands numerous times before the scarf is woven, washed and finished by hand. I love it when visitors to the studios see and appreciate just how much work there is involved in bringing these textiles to life. Each piece is an individual work of art, made with passion to be loved and enjoyed.”

“As a weaver you know exactly where each thread will go but when my hand-dyed yarns are woven into the mix, you never know exactly what the finished piece will look like or how the yarns and colors will shimmer as they are woven together. It is these creative surprises that happen on the loom which give us great joy as we weave. As well as a quality hand-crafted scarf, there is a touch of the mystical in the finished piece.”

Liz Christy
Liz Christy
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