Bridget's, An Irish Tradition

Bridget has been an importer and retailer of exquisite Irish imports for more than forty years and she founded her most recent retail business in 1987, with her daughter Lorraine.

A native of the bustling town of Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland, Bridget began her business when, as a recreational knitter, she found herself constantly fielding questions about the Aran sweaters she was creating as gifts for family and friends. With a long family history of entrepreneurship, it was a natural progression for Bridget to begin supplying these beautiful garments to an ever-growing following of customers by importing directly from the knitters in Ireland and selling in a retail setting.

Over the decades, Bridget’s expertise and connections led to the expansion of product lines and services and in 2011, Bridget settled into a lovely shop in her new hometown of Norton, Massachusetts. Bridget’s continues to thrive as a retail store while also hosting cultural events on the premises and presenting Irish music concerts throughout the region.

This busy mother and grandmother channels her passion for all things Irish into Bridget’s – An Irish Tradition, a lively center of activity that beautifully weaves together the threads of family, community and the best of Celtic culture.

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