Celt-Iberia Traders

We are an eclectic and unique shop/gallery inspired by the rich and culturally distinctive art and craftwork of Ireland and Spain. The owners have traveled extensively in the two countries and have met with all of our suppliers, many of whom are only featured here in our gallery in the US. These include artisans whose works are on display in Irish embassies worldwide, and given to Popes and heads of state by the Irish Government.

Although our collection is generally 75% to 80% Irish Celtic, the introduction of Spanish and Spanish Celtic Galician jewelry and ceramics changes the scope of the shop from a traditional Irish import shop to a more international European gallery, which appeals to many non-Celtic visitors. We have also expanded our more traditional offerings like large collections of woolens, tweed caps, coats and jackets, capes and ladies’ apparel, as well as crystal, china, candles and fragrances, Guinness-wear and top Irish and Spanish potters and ceramic artists. We also feature a wide range of traditional Celtic and Spanish jewelry designers.

Owners Mike Burns and Richard Cordover are now in the 19th year New Hope, PA, an internationally known arts, antiques and theatre destination. Celt-Iberia Traders occupies the historic 1750 Parry Barn. With its 265 year old construction and a dramatic 18 foot high central room, it gives the collections a dramatic and atmospheric home.

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