Jennifer Rothwell promotes Irish heritage and culture through her innovative fashion. Renowned for her iconic colorful prints, this multi-award-winning fashion designer digitally prints and manufactures her designs in Ireland.

Jennifer is reigniting the Celtic revival (also known as the Celtic twilight) of the 19th and 20th centuries in the 21st century by celebrating Irish artists, folklore, legends and traditions through fashion in a modern and contemporary way which the National Museum of Ireland acknowledged in 2016, by purchasing her designs for their collections. Jennifer’s iconic prints include her Harry Clarke collection, 1916 GPO Commemorative and Book of Kells. Her new collection includes the Saint Brigid’s print inspired by Harry Clarke and her Féileacán collection.

Jennifer’s production is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. She digitally prints all of her fabrics and manufacturers locally in her studio in Dublin. Jennifer’s designs are not mass-produced and there is no extra stock or waste. Because she prints, manufactures and sells all her studio, the carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

Jennifer Rothwell

The St Brigid print, inspired by Ireland’s first female saint, is intended to empower. Brigid was named after one of the most powerful goddesses in the Pagan religion – the goddess of fire, whose manifestations were song, craftsmanship, and poetry. These pursuits were considered by the Irish to be the flames of knowledge. The Feast of Brigid is celebrated on the 1st of February, marking the start of the pagan festival of spring. The print’s color scheme was heavily informed by Harry Clark’s Saint Brigid stained-glass window at Saint Mary’s Church in Ballinnrobe, County Mayo.

Jennifer Rothwell

The Féileacàn print collection is Jennifer’s new Spring 2020 range. The collection came to fruition out of Jennifer ‘s desire to raise awareness and help save the vital species in danger of extinction to preserve the earth’s future survival. The Luna print from this collection is inspired by the Morpho Butterfly. These beautiful butterflies are known for the vivid blue color of their wings.

The Luna print showcases beautiful vibrant colors and contrasts a dance of wings throughout the night while the Ulysses print is a more contemporary adaption of the butterfly theme with contrasting black and neon colors throughout.

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